Alpha Protection understands business security. Security services for your business are essential. Professionally certified installers and inspectors will provide your business with the best savings and support in business security. Cameras, intrusion detection, asset management, anti-theft, and fire prevention systems are all ready to be installed and begin serving your business.

Seamless Business Security Integration

You have many choices when it comes to your business security and Alpha Protection can guide you through the process effortlessly and without long-term interruption to your business. Keep your business running smoothly and securely while Alpha Protection delivers a reliable security monitoring solution. Power backup systems and online video backups ensure your business will retain its protection even in the event of on-site compromise.

Customized Business Security Installations

Alpha Protection will work closely with you to find a security solution customized for your business needs. Our security professionals are trained to install comprehensive and effective security solutions providing your business with the best in safety and security.

Access Control & Authority Systems

Access Control Systems for your Business

Sensitive areas of your business need to be secured and Alpha Protection’s will provide your business with the best tools and technology for the job. Unique identification, keypads, biometric scanners and other security features allow only authorized access to your secured areas.

Track your Business

Monitor employee activity and access with Alpha Protection Access Control. Keep accurate records of who enters your secure areas and create multi-user access systems with ease. Alpha Protection can help make sense of the technology available to your business and provide you with custom business security solutions suited for your needs.

Comprehensive Surveillance Solutions

Security Cameras for your Business

Keep an eye on your business and your inventory with your comprehensive security camera system from Alpha Protection. Reliable cameras are your number one protection against theft and intrusion. High definition security video is the best tool to ensure justice is served in any intrusion and can be used by police investigators to identify burglars.

Security Cameras

Camera and system choice is the most important decision in “building a camera system for your business. Alpha Protection provides only the best with High Definition IP security cameras. Our installers will get your system running smoothly and quickly with no hassle to you. Let our security experts analyze your business for the best camera angles to keep it under surveillance even while you are away from the office.

Monitor your Business

Monitor your employee activity while away and live worry-free knowing that all activity will be closely monitored and recorded. Remote viewing from your smartphone or computer will allow you to detect theft or employee related incidents safely and conveniently.

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